Meeting Minutes for July 23 2014

Friends of the Chester Valley Trail

July 23, 2014 Tredyffrin Township Bldg. 7:00 pm Presiding: Tim Lander Board members present: Mike Broennle, Bob Cochlin, Gail Lipstein, and Steve Warren. Representing Chester County: Park Superintendent Owen Prusack 9 other attendees including Bob Campbell, Gary DiVincenzo, Chris Medykiewicz, Ron Medykiewicz,
  1. Minutes
    • Approved minutes for May 13, 2014
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    • Bob Cochlin reported a balance of $4014.04 including a donation from the Great Valley High School Environmental Science class.
  3. County Update
    • Park Superintendent Owen Prusack reported:
    • Phase III, Exton Trailhead to Iron Lake Blvd, is approximately 85% complete; awaiting the components for the mast arms for the Ship Rd and Rt 30 crossing signals.
    • Phase IA Exton Trailhead: Construction of 53 additional parking spaces, 2 age appropriate playgrounds, and a volleyball court is approximately 65% complete. Paving is scheduled next week. Will include a water fountain with a dog watering station. Estimate opening by Sept 1. Planting will be in Sept.
    • The Exton park site, jointly owned by Chester County and W. Whiteland Twp, extends from the CVT north to private properties along Valley Hill Rd, east to Church Farm Lane, and west to Ship Rd.
    • A portable toilet is now in place at N. Valley Rd.
    • A revised trail map, possible in quad-fold format, is being prepared with a goal for a draft in early August.
    • A sign has been ordered for the trailhead parking area at 1055 Westlakes Dr in the Westlakes Office Park where a Memo of Understanding has been obtained.
    • A sign for the Exton Trailhead entrance on Swedesford Rd is still delayed by W. Whiteland Twp.
    • The County will be placing rub rails on the trail side of the fence separating the trail from the roadway/parking lots in Uptown-Worthington (U-W).
    • Penn Med quietly permits parking in the lower lot near the garage.
    • A stop sign will be replaced at Foundry Drive in U-W.
    • Three Eagle Scout projects are arranged:
      • Kiosks at Old Eagle School Rd. and Cedar Hollow Rd., the latter with an interpretative sign.
      • Tree species identification between Cedar Hollow Rd. and N. Valley Rd.
    • 10 hazardous trees are going to be removed due to the grass ash virus (?), mostly east of N. Valley Rd.
    • More trail etiquette signs are going in along Phase II and in the kiosks.
    • Incident reporting was discussed. Call the park district office in Warwick Park: 610-469-1915, -1916.
    • Mill Ln crosswalk (? Should be Phoenixville Pike) needs restriping.
  4. Historical markers
    • Tim Lander reported for Bob O’Leary: The design vendor is reviewing draft text, colors, size. Images are next. Two months or so anticipated to complete the draft. Anticipate going to bid for construction in the Winter with installation in the Spring.
  5. New website
    • Chris Medykiewicz reported:
    • He has received a higher resolution image of the logo.
    • Notices are in Word.
    • Needs gmail link for the map.
    • Needs PayPal link for registration and transactions.
    • Need to decide whether to open in Beta vs. trailing with a survey method using 3 groups of 5 users.
    • Photoviewer needs adjustment.
    • Phil Hoke is getting Word Press training.
    • Mobil issues may be identified during beta testing.
  6. Board items
    • Table events
      • May 16 (Friday) Paoli Hospital employee health fair: Bob O & Gail
      • May 17 (Saturday) Chester County Library, Exton, Mini Maker Fair: Mike
      • June 20 (Friday) Family Safety Expo, Wilson Farm Park: Tim
      • June 21 (Saturday) State Rep Duane Milne’s Kids Fest, Great Valley Middle School: Mike, Bob C.
      • July 17 (Thursday) TMACC Liberty Property Trust Food Truck Rally, Great Valley Corporate Center, Malvern: Mike
      • Sept 27 (Saturday) Tredyffrin Community Day, Wilson Farm Park: Tim
      • Sept 27 (Saturday) Warwick County Park: ?
    • Eagle Scout Project funding: We agreed to fund the tree ID project for the actual cost of materials up to $150.
    • Map/brochure holders
      • On the new maps it was suggested on the back we could print trailhead info, Friends contact info i.e. website
      • Stocking Phase I kiosks: Ron Medykiewicz will restock the Exton & Battle of the Clouds Trailheads. Gail L. will restock E. Whiteland Twp.
    • Benches
      • Ron Medykiewicz and Mike will meet with Superintendent Prusack to inspect sites for new benches on Phase I, including at the planned sites of historical markers.
Next meeting: Sept 16, 7 pm, E. Whiteland Twp. Bldg. Respectfully submitted, Mike Broennle Draft 9/16/14; revised 9/16