Meeting Minutes for May 17, 2016

Friends of the Chester Valley Trail – Draft

May 17, 2016 7:00 to 8:34 pm West Whiteland Township Bldg Presiding: Tim Lander Board members present: Mike Broennle, Bob Cochlin, and Gail Lipstein Representing Chester County: Park Superintendent Owen Prusack Others attending: Dick Antonson, Gary DiVincenzo, Jay Hayes, Tom Keyes, Amanda Lozinak, and Sean Moir 1. Minutes Minutes of the March 156 minutes are not yet available. Minutes of a special meeting of the Board on May 10, 16 were approved. 2. Financial Report Bob Cochlin presented the financial report with a balance of $3,983.44 remaining from the Malvern Federal grant, $10,000 from the Rails to Trails Conservancy grant and $6,675.02 in general funds, totaling $20,658.46. 3. County Update, Owen Prusack reporting:
  • Phase IV A: Preliminary plans for new trail extending west from the current terminus to the Oakland Corporate Center were approved by the West Whiteland Township Board of Supervisors. Final approval will be sought when the engineering plans are completed.
  • Opening Day of Trails, April 16: Despite decent weather overall participation seemed less that 2015. Amanda noted there was less advance press coverage.
  • National Trails Day/Community Day, June 4: W. Whiteland Twp. and TMACC will join Chester County Parks in this event from 4 to 8 pm. Christine Myer MD will organize a 5K run. There will be a DJ, live band, 4 food vendors, possibly a hot air balloon, climbing wall, fire safety trailer, approximately 40 organizations including a kids bike rodeo being organized by TMACC with volunteers. FCVT will have a table. The next organizational meeting will be on 5/25.
  • Foundry Way crossing: Two quotes for improved pavement markings and signage have been received, lowest for $6853, hoping for a third, but expect to forward to Procurement by the end of May.
  • Route 100 crossing: After a productive meeting with PennDOT, McMahon Associates engineering and W Whiteland Twp., a revised crossing plan could go to bid in 2016, with construction possible this year.
  • Wayfinding Sign Project: The consultant, Merje, has toured the entire trail, concluding there are not too many signs. Final plan is close.
  • 202 Culvert: PennDOT was to begin painting today; final layer of paving
to be done this summer.
  • Volunteer projects: Many requests received. A Voya crew worked on the Struble Trail today. A Cerner crew cleaned the Contention Lane area. TMACC’s Earth Day project replaced 15 dead trees along the trail west of Contention Lane. In discussion there was a suggestion to investigate how many volunteers are required to have the Natural Lands Trust hold a weed warrior training session.