Meeting Minutes for January 17, 2017

Friends of the Chester Valley Trail      January 17, 2017                                       East Whiteland Township Bldg.   Presiding:  Tim Lander Board members present:  Bob Cochlin, Gail Lipstein Representing Chester County:  Parks/Rec. Manager Owen Prusack Other attendees:  A. & M. Bell, J. Cadmus, L. Cellucci, G. DiVincenzo, T. Freeman, J. Johnson, A. & T. Keyes, M. King, A. Lozinak, H. & J. Lurie, M. Navaline, J. Pease, E. Rodek, J. Trimmer   Board Elections  

  • All officers re-elected and remain Tim Lander, President; Gail Lipstein, Vice-President; Mike Broennle, Secretary; Bob Cochlin, Treasurer; Phil Hoke, Webmaster; Steve Warren, Facebook Manager
    Minutes  Minutes for November, 2016 not yet available until return of
  1. Broennle.
  Treasurer’s Reportreported by Bob Cochlin, Treasurer  Current assests stand at $15,171.43.  General fund balance of        $77,41.80, Malvern Federal Trust grant of $3,686.94, RTC – Bentley grant of $3,742.69.  Traffic study invoice received, payment waiting for final report to be issued.  Membership dues for 2017 are being accepted.   County Updatereported by Owen Prusack, CC Parks & Trails Manager   Owen promotion to Parks & Trails Manager, will still attend meetings  or send Dave Stauffer to substitute.  Passive system signal installation at Ship Road completed 12/30/16. –  Way finding sign project finalized, but without mile markers until Montgomery  Co. completes 4 mile section to Bridgeport.  Installation projected for late spring, early summer 2017.  Montgomery Co. section delayed.  Project bid out by 2018, construction projected for 2019. –  Pending topic of establishing trail opening hours and commuting times is proposed in keeping with the majority of regional trails in the Commonwealth and without burden to local police agencies.  Proposed as ½ hour before sunrise and ½ hour past sunset (dawn to dusk), awaiting approval from C.C. Commissioners. –  Foundry Way completed traffic study does not recommend a 4 way stop from Mathews road going south due to back up onto Mathews road, however a 3 way stop going north would work.  Uptown Worthington approval needed to install sign and may require temporary flashing red signal to identify new pattern for motorists.  Traffic study and safety improvements were funded by RTC-Bentley grant.  Route 100 crossing comments from Penn DOT were addressed, need temporary construction easement from Main Street at Exton to make crossing straight across south side.  Requesting funding assistance to market county trail activities & events in a newspaper supplement.  HH Gregg trailhead parking license agreement under review by property owners.  They may limit number of spots.  Trail access alterations to be considered at some future time.  Exton Community & Trail Day is set for June 3, 2017.  First planning meeting will be January 25th at West Whiteland Township Bldg.  Phase IVA bridge over Whitford Rd. design to raise height with retaining wall on east side approved by Penn DOT.  Project bid out for summer 2017,  construction start fall 2017.  Trail users for 2016 reported as 350,000.   Ongoing – reported by Tim Landers, President  Devault Line feasibility study is complete, Patiots Path still pending.  CVT – Patriots Path components are in East Whiteland -north on Rt. 29 to Valley Creek Park to Atglen development; in Tredyffrin Township from Cedar Hollow Rd. to the quarry.  Philadelphia Memorial Park site meeting for fix-it station will be scheduled by Tim. CVT Extension – reported by Tim Landers  Sale of Norfolk Southern ROW to Penn DOT is moving forward.  A draft plan is projected for the end of February and will be scheduled for public review. –  County has received a $50,000 funding to study trail development from Downingtown to Atglen.  Challenged by no abandoned rail line to follow.   Events  Fit Fair at Chester County Library – January 28, 2017  (Tim & Gail)  Opening Day for Trails – April 8, 2017  West Whiteland Community Day – June 3, 2017   New Matters  REI partnership to explore opportunities for staff volunteer projects.  Collaboration with Debbie Early, PhD to promote outdoor health activites throughout the park system.   Next MeetingTueaday, March 21st at the Tredyffrin Township Bldg.    1100 Duportail Road, Chesterbrook   Respectfully submitted,   Gail Lipstein 1/24/17   Approved :  3/21/17