Meeting Minutes for July 17, 2017

Friends of the Chester Valley Trail   July 17, 2017 7:00 to 7:43 pm E Whiteland Township Bldg.   Presiding: Mike Broennle Tim Lander Board member present: Bob Cochlin Board members absent: Tim Lander, Gail Lipstein  Phil Hoke Representing Chester County:  Owen Prusack, Parks & Trails Manager Others attending: Debbi Fair, Tom Keyes, Mark King , Joe Zulli (M) (M=member)    

  • Minutes
  Without a quorum no action was taken on the minutes for Mar 21, 2017.
  1.  Financial Report
Bob Cochlin reported a fund balance of $11,139.55 in checking and PayPal, allocated as General $7,995.68, Malvern Federal grant $2,901.18 and RTC grant $242.69.  
  • County Update:  Owen Prusack presenting:
  • June 3 Community & Trail Day, Exton Park: Excellent weather, attendance doubled from 2016 to 2500, low turnout (n=20) for 5 K run.
  • Uptown Worthington fence along Rt 29 has been repaired by O’Neill Properties.
  • Conestoga Rd/Rt 401 crossing: A passive trail user detection & signal activation system, similar to Ship Rd, will be installed.
  • Catalyst Marketing’s proposal to install a trail bridge across Rt 29 has been slowed by PennDOT.
  • Trail hours signs will be installed and displayed on the digital signs, ½ hour before sun rise to ½ hour after sunset.  Chester County declines responsibility for use when closed.
  • Foundry Way NB stop sign installation:  Bids are due July 25.
  • E Whiteland Twp TH water fountain:  Installing the purchased fountain is in the queue of Facilities projects.
  • Battle of the Clouds Fix-It Station:  Mike reported Philadelphia Memorial Parks’s (PMP) offer to install a unit along the paved path between the trail and the parking area was approved by the E Whiteland Twp’s Board of Supervisors on 6/12.  The project will be discussed by a PMP representative at next week’s E Whiteland Twp’s Park & Recreation Committee.  Unresolved are placement of a adjacent bench and plaque acknowledging the donation.
  • New trail counters purchased by the County have been shipped.  These are the highly rated Canadian units as used by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission throughout the region, including at the E Whiteland Twp trail head.  2 of the 10 units will replace the troublesome original units on the CVT.
  • Two mobile solar powered digital sign units are now in use in the CC Park system.  The public can submit suggestions for display.
  • Bike speed check zones have been used on 3 occasions, and are planned in the future, using Vascar with support of Tredyffrin Police personnel.  Cyclists are informed of their speed (trail speed limit 15mph) in a discussion focusing on safe trails cycling practices.  This is in response to multiple complaints of speeding cyclists.
  • Rt 100 crossing realignment: As previously reported PennDOT requirements to move a utility pole and the resulting increase in cost pushes this project into next year’s County capital project budget.
  • CVT Phase 4A:  This extension to the Oakland Corporate Park awaits completion of the construction design.  Anticipate construction bidding in the early winter with construction in the spring 2018.
  • Mowing:  When asked Superintendent Prusack reported the contractor is mowing less frequently per contract, this in an effort to determine an optimum mowing frequency.  Overgrowth of the vegetation next to the mowing strip is encroaching on the trail in multiple areas.  In contrast the Schuykill River Trail in CC has a broad mowed strip, maintained by the Facilities staff in marked contrast to the CVT.
  • CVT Extension to Downingtown:  On 5/31 the Final public meeting presenting the preferred alignment using the old P&T rail line between Ship Rd and Downingtown was presented.  The images and a drone flyover video are available at  The County Commissioners will act on the recommendation this fall.
  • CVT West alignment study, CC Planning Commission Steering Committee on the preferred alignment from the Downingtown west border to Atglen begins meeting in September.
  • Camera update:  A satisfactory County owned camera was located to document County Parks activities, negating the need to purchase of same by the FCVT.
  • Westlakes Trailhead:  County parking is in the lot located north of the hotel construction.  Anticipated parking capacity will approximately double when the hotel is completed.  It was suggested that an accessible water drinking water source at the hotel would be a desirable amenity should an opportunity present.
  1. Events 2017
  • 1/28 Fit Fair, Chester County Library table – Tim, Bob, Gail
  • 3/23 Bike Chester County, Public Meeting, W Whiteland Twp Bldg – Tim, Mike, Bob, Gail
  • 4/7 Opening Day Press Conference – Mike
  • 4/8 Opening Day for Trails tables- Tim, Gail, Mike
  • 4/20 Vanguard Earth Day table – Tim, Mike
  • 4/22 West Vincent Sustainability table – Gail – Postponed until fall
  • 4/27 TMACC Spring Breakfast – Mike
  • 5/15 Paoli Hospital Employee Health Fair – Regrets
  • 6/3 CC & W Whiteland Twp Community & Trail Day table & Comfort Tent – Tim, Gail, Mike
  • 6/17 State Rep Duane Milne’s Kid’s Fest, G Valley MS – Regrets
    • Sat 9/16 Tredyffrin Party in the (Wilson Farm) Park
    • Sat 10/7 Paoli Blues Festival
Next Meeting – Tuesday Sept 19, Tredyffrin Township Building, 1100 Duportail Rd, Berwyn 19312   Respectfully submitted,   Mike Broennle Draft 7/19/2017